Stojan Ilic

Web, desktop, mobile developer, mountain biker, trail and marathon runner, hiker, snowboarder...

Born in Nis, Serbia.


These are some of the technologies I've worked with

Flash/Flex developer more than 10 years. In that technologies made some award winning sites, multiplatform games and applications.
I'm Haxe developer from 2010. Made some multiplatform quiz games and worked on OpenFL (NME) UI framework Zajac.
Go Lang
With learning I started from 2011. First server made next year 2012.
When Flash left web I switched to Javascript. I worked with Javascript frameworks: jQuery, EaselJS, ReactJS, AngularJS.
Working on WEB I learn how to optimise content to be SEO friendly. Succesfully optimized for Search engines several sites and my own mobile App (InnMenu).
Video & audio
My professional career started as Audio engineer, than I switched to video editing.
In several companies where I worked I configured local Linux network. I also involved in regional non commercial wireless network in city Nis.